Social Responsibility

Gentleman accommodates divergent views. To be responsible for nation and create wealth for our society, as a corporate citizen, Zongyi is willing to contribute its own effort. We will fulfill our promise for social responsibility in the development of group industry, external investment and public action. For brighter future of human being , we are willing to make a promise for our nation, society and future.


Earth, the common homeland for human being, we practice for the prosperity. From dedication for research and global operation of clean energy, we run after brightness, benefit our offspring and provide unstoppable power for sustainable development of earth.

Gentleman is concentrated. We believe that science and creativity is eternal power to push human civilization forward. With attachment and exploration of cutting-edge technology, we continuously research revolutionized inventions. We realize future promise with vision and creation. Gentleman relies on nature, the establishment of nature is accompanied with art. We embrace humility and gratitude, dedicated to improving the environment, supporting for education, providing professional asset management, increasing happy colors of life. We strive to be responsible as corporate citizen

Every living creature loves their life. The limit of love is love for group. Employee is the cornerstone of our progress. We stimulate creator unlimited imagination, encourage ambition of entrepreneurs and create great foundation.

This is the promise of Zongyi Group for nation, society and future!

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