Study and Development Center

It is one of the most important aims for HR department of Zongyi Group to tutor, support and help employee to achieve success in their career. Zongyi Group establishes Study and Development Center, bases "Mentor System" and "Quality Model" as core of employee's development plan and design clear career development path for every position. Through centralized training, rotation, special training and job learning, Study and Development Center helps employee join in company, master skills, increase self-management and leadership and lay the foundation of future challenge and career development.

"Jingsheng" plan:Talented person project of Zongyi group for outstanding fresh graduates.

Special training: Zongyi Group provides employee many theme trainings, helps employee receive advanced skills and increasse self-management and leadership.

Job learning: Zongyi Group establishes following-up job plan, including advanced studies for reserve cadres.

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