New Energy

New energy, the food of human society development, with the depletion of traditional fossil energy such as coal and oil, it is key for man to exploit renewable energy to survive in the future. Solar energy, the cleanest, the most environmental and economic renewable energy, is the important pillar of national new energy strategy and the core business of Zongyi Group.

As the national leading supplier of PV system integration and operator of oversea power station, Zongyi is dedicated to PV technology research and global operation, begins with the production of thin film solar cell and layouts the most technical and profitable two wings in PV industry chain. Besides extension of raw material of solar cell, Zongyi is the first company to enter into oversea PV power station market in China. The oversea PV power station is throughout USA, German, Italy, Czech, Bulgaria and etc. Zongyi is one of the biggest operators of oversea PV power station.

Overseas power plant construction diagram-Please click national flag to view the detail

New energy company in Zongyi Group

  • Nantong Zongyi New Material Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Zongyi Solar Power Share Co.,Ltd.
  • Zongyi(U.S.A) Solar Power Co.,Ltd.
  • Zongyi(Luxemberg) Solar Power Co.,Ltd.
  • Zongyi(Italy) Solar Power Co.,Ltd.
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