Equity Investment

As a pioneer of Chinese equity investment, Zongyi Group helps company and economy with outstanding strategy consciousness and unique investment idea by great power of Chinese economy.

At present, equity investment of Zongyi has covered areas of high growth industry such as new energy, information technology,finance, advanced manufacture, high-end consumption, medical and chemical industry, modern husbandry.

Professional investment, creating wealth with responsibility, besides financing to invested company, Zongyi Group helps invested company make forward looking strategy, establishes scientific, standard modern corporation system and effectively pushes development of invested company forward. Among many successful investments, Yanghe Share is the most typical one which is considered as classic case by capital market.

Equity investment company in Zongyi Group

  • Nantong variety Investment Co., Ltd.

  • Shanghai variety holding company

  • Jiangsu variety Limited by Share Lt

  • Jiangsu Provential High Technology Industry investment Co.,Ltd Get started
  • China International Futures Co., Ltd.

  • Zijin Property Insurance Co., Ltd.

  • 100 year life insurance Co., Ltd.



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