Shenzhou Longxin awarded "Top 100 of 2011 High Growth Enterprises in Zhongguancun" 2012-07-05

In the selection of "Top 100 of 2011 High Growth Enterprises in Zhongguancun", Shenzhou Longxin stood out from over 500 enterprises and was listed as Top 10. In the grand ceremony of July 3rd, Shenzhou Longxin was chosen as one of 10 representatives to receive the award. Liu Hang, Zhongguancun Administrative Committee member, Meng Jingwei, deputy head of Haidian District and Tang Jian, director of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission makes their congratulation to Shenzhou Longxin. This award confirms the rapid development of Shenzhou Longxin which relied on innovation and core technology.


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